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How to invest in Brazil, for foreigners?

How to invest in Brazil, for foreigners?

First, you must determine whether your investment project will be carried out as an individual or legal entity and whether or not you want to reside in Brazil.

A - For individuals, if you want to buy a property in Brazil.

Documents. You must have a CPF number, which corresponds to tax traceability in Brazil. Every individual in Brazil has a CPF

Financing: So far, the investor must have equity or apply for a mortgage on a property he owns abroad. Bank financing in Brazil is an obstacle due to high interest rates and it is necessary to have a residence visa in the country.

Funds. For the purchase of a property in Brazil, it is essential that the funds are sent directly from your bank account to the seller's account in Brazil, so that it is registered with the Central Bank of Brazil, which will provide the official receipt of the funds in the country. The seller is then obliged to present the purchase contract to the Bank to release the funds. It also allows the government to register your investment in the country to ensure that there is no problem if you sell your property in the future. For the purchase of the property an initial deposit will be requested, but this must be made only when all administrative procedures have been completed.


B - For Legal Entities, if you wish to acquire a property OR COMPANY in Brazil.

You must first contact a law firm or service provider specializing in domiciliation.

If you do not wish to reside in Brazil, you will need to have a legal representative. Then, steps can be taken to create the company (CNJP, JUCESP for SÃO PAULO, ...)

For any purchase of a company, hotel, rural property, it is important to turn to a consulting / auditing company to perform due diligence.

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