Award-winning Coffee Farm 333 HECTARES in São Sebastião da Grama - São Paulo Brazil


At 1200 meters above sea level and on volcanic soil, this Centenary Farm is a gem embedded in the Serra da Mantiqueira.
The altitude, abundance of water, and the very fertile soil combine perfect elements for the production of the grain that gives rise to the Most Consumed Drink in the World: COFFEE.
The region is known worldwide for the excellence of Arabic grains, produced in one of the best terroirs in the state of São Paulo.
What a delicious coffee! We personally tasted the product of this farm, and the taste is indescribable.
If all that nature gave for free was not enough, human intervention made everything better.
The source of crystalline water was channeled to wash the grains, which go directly to drying. It is very beautiful to see the process from harvesting to drying.
The colonists' houses carefully cared for, the workers who radiate satisfaction… I would say that this whole set of positivity makes this Café the Best, but it would be neglecting Agronomic studies and research…
Currently producing one of the best coffee beans in the world, Internationally Awarded, this Farm is surrounded by properties that explore Viniculture, planting Avocados, Olives - which also give rise to award-winning olive oils, and Macadamia. What proves once again the excellence of the soil, the perfect altitude, the mild climate and the rains that fall in the right measure neither more nor less than the ideal.