49000 m2 property for leisure or housing. The complex consists of two main houses, a house for employees, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a football pitch, barbecue, an orchard in production, gardens with a wide variety of ornamental plant species and adult trees.


At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the property belonged to a family of Italian immigrants, like so many others in the region, and was probably used for wine production. The altitude climate of Sao Roque, attracted many paulistanos who transformed the agricultural properties in residences of weekend for leisure. In this property, one of the main houses it was built in 1975, a beautiful architectural project, with large spaces in the common areas that relate easily to the external area through the gardens and large balconies. Always very well maintained, the coverings still remain the originals, iron frames, tiles and the tiled floor. This house preserves the furniture, which dates back to the house, built-in cabinets, buffet, beds, sofas, dining table, chairs made of solid wood. This house consists of a suite with dressing room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room, billiard room, balconies, kitchen, pantry, bedroom with a service bathroom, the total is 332m2.


low house, underwent a renovation in the 1990s and received more delicate coatings. Its main feature is the room with double height and the fireplace. The suite, two bedrooms, mezzanine, two bathrooms and the kitchen are articulated around the living room, all bedrooms and the kitchen have built-in cupboards. Next to this house, a small building with a balcony, which was used as a studio and with an underground level built especially to be a cellar. The bottle spaces are already prepared in the masonry. The total built area is 155m2.


Most of the property is occupied by parks and gardens. With a landscape design done over the years, today it presents a rich variety of adult plants. Many trees, due to their large size, have been present for a long time. In addition to the vegetable garden and other fruit trees, the site has a large orchard of lychees in constant production. All these spaces are very well connected, with easy internal access by vehicles (part of the circulation is paved with stones), and with constant views of the surrounding hills.


Access is via the Raposo Tavares Highway, approximately 40 minutes from the city of Sao Paulo.