Brief description: Spectacular farm with irrigated coffee, cachaça factory (lambic) and brown sugar and eucalyptus production. Fully active with high production. Complete structure and great quality. Spectacular headquarters.
Access: 31 km of good intercity dirt road and passable all year round with any type of vehicle. There is an option for Satubinha with 12 km of asphalt going through BR 116, Rio / Bahia - Teófilo Otoni.
Topography: Mixed with a large part totally flat, part with smooth slopes and parts with strong slopes more in the reserve areas.

Location: It is located in the Capelinha region, approximately 470 km from Belo Horizonte with great altitude, above 1.000 meters.
Water resources: Springs, streams, streams, dams and artesian well.

(Improvements: main house with 400 M2 of building, containing,
d) OFFICE. E) Kennel etc.
e) In addition to a swimming pool, sauna, playground, barbecue in the spacious ballroom / meeting room.
5 settler houses, accommodation, shed with workshop, fertilizer deposit, (2) garages for tractors, machines and vehicles, tank with fuel pumps (diesel), sheep pen, water tank with 7.000 M3, p / irrigate coffee by gravity. Square with 50 ovens for coal and all necessary structure.
Shed for dryers and granary with 700 M2., 7.000 M2 of concrete terraces, 3.000 M2 of terraces on compacted soil, coffee washer and pulper, type eco2 year 2.003, (2) centrifuges, (2) box type dryers (obs. : need to buy (2) furnaces), 4 X 15.000 Lits., (3) Pinhalenses dryers, Pintalem machine to benefit from coffee, Wood granite for 1.200 scr., Integrated circuit for security of the whole farm. It has 152 ha of Arabica coffee namely: Being an area of ​​93 (h) 5 years of irrigated coffee> 12 (h) decepa with 3 years. 27 (h) decepa with 3 years. 20 (h) to be severed.
Alembic: With 2 pots with a capacity to produce 20.000 Lts. of cachaça p / month in an area of ​​30 (h), sugarcane plantation (raw material).
• (6) wooden vats with a capacity of 10.000 l.
• (2) trademarks registered in the MAP of CACHAÇA with the names “ENGENHO DE MINAS” and “SOLAR DO ENGENHO '”.
• Complete equipment for the production of brown sugar.
• (2) Warehouse and Production Warehouses.
• 150 m artesian well.
It has 818 ha of eucalyptus as shown in other factors below:

Land quality: Fully cultivated lands with a high clay content and fully treated and prepared.

Use: There is 152 ha of coffee, 818 ha of eucalyptus, 840 ha to open, 170 ha of area ready for planting, 863 ha of reserve and 124 ha of APP and 68 ha of other areas.

Other factors: It is an externally well planned, well maintained and has internet, landline, cell phone signal and everything with high quality.
5 TRACTORS: being
1) WALTRA BM100 / 2.012.
1) BMF 4275, year 2.010, with reducer for harvesting coffee and brush.
1) CABINADO MF 4283, year 2.010, for limestone and fertilization.
2) MF, 265 years 2.005, of which (1) with shovel / spraying (1) fertilization / spraying
Limestone eira / customs Miami, Brush cutter Kama, brush 1.6 Pauini Alves, (2) Ford trucks for transporting coffee, machine for harvesting coffee TDI year 2.010.
(Obs .: Needs to change collector KIT), (2) sprayers 2.000 liters, herbicide applicator 600 liters, 7.000 m3 tank, for gravity coffee irrigation, set of motorcycle pumps of 150 hp for irrigation. Aerating harrow with 12 x 36 discs, forest subsoiler, D4-D crawler machine, (2) trucks for pulling Lena, (2) carts for the transportation of wood, (22) ovens for the production of coal
Loader, water truck, employee house, etc.
Eucalyptus: 818 (h) eucalyptus with + 50 (h) ready for planting.
• Clone 15-28 (337) (h) with cut forecast in March / 2.022.
• Glossiano regrowth (117) (h) with thick woods in the area with a cut forecast starting in Oct / 2.020.
• Urograndes (89) (h) with forecast of cut for coal February / 2.021.
• Citriodora (37) (h).
• Area already cleaned to plant 50 (h) with planting forecast 15/10/2. 019.
• 210 (h) of regrowth of urograndes, expected to start switching in 2.021.
• 30 (h) of regrowth of Cloeziano for 2.021.
• 120 (h) of open area for planting beans or coffee crops.