Main house; Norman style, 320m2 built area. Furnished and decorated. • Privileged location, with panoramic views of the entire property. Landscaping carefully designed and easy to maintain. • Integrated environments divided into different levels, highlight the charm and details of the decoration. • Wood finishes, large glass windows bringing the external garden into the house, wooden crown molding, projected lighting. With 4 independent inputs. • Electronic alarm system with siren and lighting activated.

• Dimensioned and protected electrical part, independent central power box.

• Upper Floor: 3 bedrooms, 1 suite with closet, bathroom with cabinets, internal distribution hall with skylight of glass tiles.

• Intermediate Floor: Fireplace room, furnished office, 3 balconies with balcony doors, decorated with hanging crown moldings.

• Ground Floor: Cup, planned kitchen with sink and granite counters, dining room, 2 living rooms, washed with granite cabinets and tops, social hall, bar decorated with hardwood counters and granite sink, 2 gardens coat with natural stone finish.

• Lower Floor: Craft room with ample cupboards and benches. Car shelter. Rotating barbecue, internal lighting, oven and wood stove, counters. Countertop cabinets for storing drinks, charcoal reserves and leisure equipment. Wooden crown moldings and golden details. Meal Square Cozy environment (64m2), with bar type bench, wagon wheel chandelier. Suspended moldings in hardwood and gilt details. Cabinet with sink, mirror and lighting. Retractable protective transparent canvas. Kitchen - Support Complete attached kitchen, fully tiled. Natural daytime lighting through 2 glass skylights on the ceiling, double rotating ventilation. Large closets with natural granite countertops. Suspended moldings in hardwood and gilt details. Syde by side, dishwasher, microwave, 6 burner stove, built-in oven, extractor fan. Iron stove. Locker room Access door to the locker room made of noble wood with mirror details. Shower, wc, sink with mirrored cabinet. The projected and directed lighting, the external spotlights and the reflections of the illuminated pools, induce the use at night for a barbecue. Furnished and decorated. Wooden niches with glass integrating the environment. Non-slip floor. Toilet and access to the dressing room Access to the support kitchen Adjoining kitchen Dining area STABLE FOR MILK PRODUCTION B • Two (2) independent accesses for cow truck (animal loading and unloading) facility for handling. • 4x3x2 concrete box for barley. External area. • Electric and hydraulic parts sized for the activity. • Wiring protected by conduit boxes and apparent distribution boxes: garage and shed: 667m2 of covered area and 488m2 of pavement with hexagonal blocks. • 3 sliding gates with attached door, in corrugated galvanized sheet, to facilitate access by heavy vehicles. • Paved maneuver yard (blocks). • Easy maintenance landscaping and gardening. • Power board - External standard box and transformer, according to ABNT. • Wiring protected by exposed conduit and distribution boxes. • Electric and hydraulic parts designed for simultaneous activities. • Electronic alarm system with siren and lighting activated with presence sensor Service Administration • Office to record activities and control the warehouse. • Counter type windows for receiving and delivering material. • Independent entrances (external access and internal circulation). • Cold floor for easy maintenance. • Alarm system. Support Area Employees • Male and female changing rooms, with individual entrances, showers and wc. • Full kitchen, with balcony type window, with refrigerator, gas stove, barbecue, pot, cupboards, table and benches). • Food court (cafeteria). Space for training employees, with video library and agribusiness library Four houses strategically positioned next to the property's three entrances. • Built in masonry. • All with garage for vehicle. • Wide area enclosed with fence and garden in the surroundings. • Quality finish. • Lining and tiled floors in all rooms. • Tiled kitchens, bathrooms and service areas. • Electric light, sump and running water.

Other information
The main benefit that this property offers is the immediate and perfect adaptability for any selective activity of agribusiness or tourism. Whatever you imagine and think about doing, you just want to. Ideal for those seeking quality of life, who merely want to fulfill their dream of peace of mind, health and leisure or who intend to totally change their professional horizon, investing in new businesses. It is a splendid place to develop the judicious breeding of large animals, be they dairy or beef cattle or horses for sport or livestock. Suitable for implantation of a genetic evolution center and determination of race and / or regional nucleus of sport riding with equestrian, studs and animal lodging. The natural water resources can be optimized and transformed into an exceptional activity of industrial fish farming or leisure and sport. The construction of a cozy and comfortable farm hotel, typical for inclusion in the “Roteiro de Charme”, is also one of the great potentials that the property suggests. The region offers numerous tourist attractions and folk events, as well as railroad excursions, tours of the waterfalls, visits to churches and sanctuaries and climbing in the mountains and the highest peaks in the state of São Paulo.

Whatever the reason that piques your interest, it is important to emphasize that it is worth seeing and knowing, alive and in color, because the place itself, the landscape, the topography and nature itself is infinitely more beautiful and privileged than the photos Pico do Itaguaré can demonstrate. 200 km from São Paulo 200 km from Rio de Janeiro 10 km from Cachoeira Paulista 10 km from Cruzeiro 10 km from Piquete 40 km from the south of Minas (estancias) 130 km from the coast (Paraty) 1.200 meters from the asphalt Plates (3) plowed in registry. Released for immediate transfer, free of charge. Signatures on plans of all confronting neighbors.

INCRA / CCIR and ITR charges and taxes, up to date.

Registered employees subject to immediate dismissal.

Electrification with rural tariff.

28ha of flat areas with the rest in smooth pitches, fully tractable.

16,9 ha of permanent preservation area.

2.000 linear meters of protective fencing around the headquarters area and along the side road.

3330m² of built area. 2580m² of paved patios and roads (concrete floor and blocks). 4200 linear meters of underground and aerial electrical network (three-phase and single-phase). 63,74 ha of pastures, fully fenced, separated into rotating pastures (paddocks), planted with decumbens brachiaria.

Mobile trough (portable) in hardwood, Romancini brand, for salt with constant supply of the feeder by gravity action. Capacity 150 kg salt. • Fixed trough with capacity for 200 kg of salt, in hardwood, Romancini brand. 2,50m long feeder with 10m² coverage, with galvanized corrugated sheet. • Access to water in all pastures. Creek and weirs with springs on the property. • Grama Esmeralda and São Carlos in the vicinity of the improvements, leisure area, orchard and internal boulevards. Greater Depth Pool 1,50, flat bottom, 8 × 6. Ideal for light water games and water aerobics. Solid concrete construction with tile finish. Recessed lighting, white marble edges. Access by São Tomé stone steps or movable stairs. Pool Depth 0,50 cm, 4 × 4. Ideal for children or aquatic relaxation. Hydromassage, waterfall, shower, built-in lighting. • Deck for sunbathing in hardwood. • Hanging garden and waterfall over the engine room. • São Tomé stone floors and drains for capturing water with polished aluminum grilles all around. • Water heater and engine room with automatic filtration, treatment and circulation equipment. • Circular high pressure shower and shower, with pump. • Easy maintenance landscaping. Raised arbor and decorative furniture. • Reserved area with ample cupboards to store pool furniture. Cupboards (pool furniture) The entire property is a truly huge garden. Landscaping is present in every corner, including in the areas of activities, employee houses, boulevards and, especially, in the vicinity of the headquarters and leisure area. All buildings have a visual pattern that compose and integrate with the environment, that is, always with ceramic tile roofs, decorative details with exposed brick and river stone, native to the region. Plants, flowers, fauna and trees act and interact with the landscape, constantly changing color, shape and sound, according to the season and the wind. Squirrels, armadillos, capybaras, iguanas and alligators live in perfect harmony. Birds of different species, hummingbirds, buzzards, toucans, macaws, parrots, kites, jacutingas etc., help decorate and make the property their permanent home Gardening Greenhouse and seedling cultivation (52m2) , ramps for wheelbarrow. Workbenches with individual material reservoirs, tilting lids (for humus deposit, crushed stone, sand, earth etc.). 2 tanks with long taps and granite counter. Shelves for pots. Dependencies Maid's room and bathroom (24m2). Lavandeira Large laundry (48m2), two tanks, electrical and hydraulic system prepared for automatic machines. Isolated area, closed to the ceiling, large sliding windows (5), white ceiling lining for easy cleaning. Wide variety of fruit trees in full production, identified with scientific and usual name, with planting date, formed in grassy boulevards, fully fenced, cultivated and organically treated. Fruit trees Avocado, Acerola, Plum, Blackberry, Persimmon, Cherry, Guava, Jabuticaba, Jackfruit, Orange, Lychee, Lima de Persia, Lemon, Apple, Passion fruit, Quince, Mango, Nectarine, Loquat, Pear, Peach, Pitanga, Pomegranate and Tangerine . Thematic garage and mezzanine. 400 m². • Machined and polished concrete floor with two-tone epoxy paint. • Demarcation of spaces, such as a dealership workshop. • Sliding doors with remote control (for vehicles). • Access door (for people) • Local toilet. • Alarm system. • Complete tool panels for automobiles and motorcycles. • Service benches. • Large closets and shelves. • Lift electric to 2 tons. • Pneumatic lift. • Tire calibrator. • Demarcation floor for 6 vehicles, 4 motorcycles and 1 quadricycle. Exclusive space for storing materials and light maintenance tools. (Gardening, electrical, plumbing and painting) • Warehousing • Tool panels • Gasoline power generator • Air compressor • Tanks • Benches • Independent entrance for employees • Access to 480m2 vehicles with covered area. • 330m2 of corrals and concrete accesses. • Facilities for 50 dairy cows (manual milking). • Two (2) bull houses (confined). Two (2) waiting pens. Both with concrete trough. • Concrete access corridors and all gates with quick locks. • Two (2) maternity paddocks with covered troughs. Calf with management area. Tractor garage, implements and service vehicles Equipment and tools, including electric elevator for mechanical maintenance services in light and heavy vehicles. Carpentry / joinery Complete equipment and machinery for carpentry in general. Shelves for stocking and drying green wood. Locksmith / welding Complete equipment and machinery for welding and metalworking services in general. Place for storing iron in sheet metal or drawn. Airy environment - ceiling height 4 meters, natural lighting. Large sliding doors (3) for machine and vehicle access, independent staff entry. To facilitate the work, the spaces were delimited and identified with a sign. Reinforced support benches for all activities. Sockets 110, 220 and three-phase in all sectors.