FARM SALE - AGUAS VERDES, 4 km far from the city center

366,7 hectares of rural land

Subdivisions approximate areas:
Artificial grazing 190 hectares
Five pasture divisions, all with own and perennial waters, lagoons
Pastures intercropped with eucalyptus
Reforestation vs. pasture 77 hectares
Irrigated rice fields (average productivity 2.000 bags) 12 hectares
Periodic Crops 9 hectares
Forest and protection 72 hectares
Fish ponds 3,7 hectares


04 storage sheds
02 sheds, for medium feedlots 220 animals
04 concrete silos with a capacity of 650 cubic meters
04 hoses with concrete floor, trunk and scale with a total area of ​​1.100m²
Concrete ditch with a capacity of 130.000 liters
Deposit for cutting meat
Sheep shelter, concrete, concrete floor, with an area of ​​64,00m²
Agricultural machinery

3 hectares of pine of different age
77 hectares of eucalyptus of different ages
Pastures intercropped with araucaria pastures for cattle

Headquarters set of 600,00m²
Recreational Headquarters with 280,00m²
Soccer field and lakes, tennis court