High Luxury Launch in a Privileged Location – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Get to know Five Lagoa Premium Houses

Five is not like the other developments, and living here goes beyond a simple experience of living together in a residential area. Living here is like living in a house in Lagoa.

The bet on an environment that could translate the concept of exclusivity and elegance gave life to an idea of ​​enterprise that already becomes an icon only for its architecture and external landscaping.

The “Grand final” came from choosing the location, next to the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, a place of calm for the day-to-day rush. A pause to admire the lush landscape, to breathe the fresh air of nature in a moment of leisure or sports. It is ideal for those looking to take care of the body and mind.

Five is for those who want more and for those who know what they want

Still with 4 Units available, all with 3 Suites

Apartment 201/146 m2 / R $ 3.455.500,00

Apartment 202/146 m2 / R $ 3.257.100,00

Coverage 301/291 m2 / R $ 5.126.500,00

Coverage 302/291 m2 / R $ 4.832.100,00