Rio Island Ideal for Residential Condominium or Hotel Farm – Varginha - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Ilha do Sol is a unique property, with 21 hectares, located on the Rio Verde in the city. Varginha in the south of Minas, ideal for entrepreneurs who want to do allotment, farm hotel, club, or also serves as a home because it is close to the city and very safe.

The river island has great potential for subdivisions. The region in which it is inserted, as previously discussed in this work, has a population with specific characteristics for the acquisition of medium properties for recreational purposes. The construction of the hydroelectric plant, and consequently the lake that will be formed, will give tourist characteristics to the region, increasing the value of m² in the future.

A high investment in infrastructure will be required to comply with land use and subdivision laws, in addition to environmental laws, in order to develop allotment for residential use. The difference in the final value for the “chacreamento”, in case the value of m² decreases due to the lot size, and the sales facilities, are not enough to justify the implementation of popular housing subdivision.

It is suggested “chacreamento”, with land between 1000 and 2000 m² as the definition of the target audience by the owner company. Attention should be given to the environmental and municipal guidelines of the city of Varginha, due to the particular characteristics of the locality

We have a feasibility study done by a specialized company.