Beautiful farm with 630 hectares, of which 120 hectares were donated to the reserve, for peace of mind in project approvals,

The farm is on the bank of a navigable river called the Manbucaba river on the border of Angra with Paraty,

The company has already studied 500.000 m2 projects

1) a phase with 460 urban lots. study in approval. Prices / information: contact us.

2) a second phase with a study for 800 medium and high standard houses

Distance: 4 km from the farm, has a beautiful beach with crystal clear water, the most beautiful in Paraty.


A beautiful property at the foot of the Atlantic Forest mountains, in a prime area between ANGRA DOS REIS and PARATY. With a navigable river that flows into the Bay of the Island
Large, which provides an almost surreal property potential. If these characteristics were not enough, the property is made up of almost eighty percent of FLAT AREA, already deforested and transformed into pastures, which makes it easier to obtain environmental licenses for any type of enterprise. Surveys made at a depth of 6m (six meters) and at other points of 10m (ten meters) showed an area of ​​excellent quality SAND, the area extends over almost the entire flat area of ​​the property. Not one of the drillholes reached the limit of the deposit.

The peripheral area of ​​the property can be divided into two types, flat areas that border the river and high areas that are largely covered by secondary and tertiary vegetation. There is also a single hill with a CLAY LAND, of excellent quality for a landfill with the potential to extract a few million cubic meters. This material can be used in
implementation of a project, or marketed as landfill material. There are several sources of water on the property, which give the property autonomy in drinking water, in the case of
enterprise implantation.

IPHAN (Institute of National Historical and Artistic Patrimony) through ordinance nº 402/2012 in art 1, art 9 and 3 building parameter in the housing nuclei standardized this area as the first and only area to be released by IPHAN for construction of up to sixteen meters high, that is, up to five floors. The laws of the municipality are still pending. Therefore, this area has a unique potential in the municipality, enabling a project with a higher occupancy rate as it allows the construction of up to five floors.