249 Ha (hectares)

Place of rare beauty with waterfall, native forest etc. The Headquarters of the Farm was built on a quarry, from which the supports and stairs, which were carved by hand at the time, were taken. This construction dates from the beginning of the XNUMXth century and was carried out by Portuguese officials.

It has electricity from CEMIG (Empresa de Energia de MG) with a standard of 25 KVA and its own power plant, with power generation capacity of 38 KVA.

Above the waterfall, 2 arms of water were taken: one to serve the power plant and the other, by gravity, serves the sugarcane mill, the cornmeal mill and the saw mill.

The rest of the water forms the waterfall that we admire so much.

It has a copper still, 6 fermentation vats, 3 barrels for depositing cachaça, and a box for depositing cachaça of 25 thousand liters and an installation with 4 huge copper boxes for making brown sugar.

The water that serves the Headquarters is collected at the Mine that is close to the waterfall and is drawn by an electric pump.

It has a very cozy little church, which can be used for ceremonies.

The old coffee yard became a great parking lot, including for helicopters.

The headquarters of the factory with asphalt to the gate, is located 13 km from the city of Tombos, 18 km from Carangola, 58 km from Itaperuna, 70 km from Muriaé.

Colonist houses and corral with trunk for cattle management.