2 am in rio de janeiro - 04 am in sao paulo

Area: 338.794 hectares

Beautiful Stables for Sale in Bananal with 118 horse stalls main house with 9 suites swimming pool, leisure area, corral with mechanical milking 10 houses inside the farm, today with a beautiful study of a mixed rural and urban condominium project, GREEN VILLE ARAPEI, with possibilities of 450 urban units and 100 rural units lots from 450m2 to 3.000m2, internet system, for those who want to work from home.

After the entrance gate is the first Staff House; then the Little Church +/- 23,24 M². c/06 benches, comfortably accommodating 12 people; Main House: 03 rooms with central air conditioning and fireplace; Toilet; Closed balcony (J.Inverno); 09 Bedrooms (08 Suites with Air

Conditioner, Heater and Boiler in each bedroom); Large Cup and Kitchen; Maid's Bedroom and Bathroom and Pantry Room in the body of the house with external access. Underground wine cellar with a tasting room; Gym – Salon w/ Bar and a complete Suite +/- 157,17 M². ; Pool; 05 Nurseries;


Employees' House: House 01/06 rooms; House 02/06 rooms;

House 03 /05 rooms, House 04 /06 rooms, House 05 /04 rooms,

House 06 /05 rooms, House 07 /03 rooms, House 08 /04 rooms,

House 09 /07 rooms, House 10 /05 rooms, House 11 /09 rooms,

House 12 /06 rooms, House 13 /04 rooms, House 14 /04 rooms.

The main customers are upper and upper-middle class people, including those interested in maintaining a structure for the maintenance of horses. In general, they seek this service to bring comfort to the family, with the practice of sports on horseback, with a reduction in maintenance costs through the condominium system. As it is an area with preserved forest, regardless of whether you are a horse owner or interested in riding, the condominium infrastructure aims to provide comfort and well-being. The Itaiassu Farm has an infrastructure already in place, which, in addition to the Stables with a veterinary structure, includes a kennel and a greenhouse, as well as a sports area with a soccer field and tennis courts already in place. On the property there are water springs that support the supply of the unit owners and even electricity generation capacity, which can reach self-sufficiency.


Video, other photos on request